Ghetto Blues and The Magic Kings Presents Amok during the festive season. Ghetto Blues ent, centre presents Amok and Magic Rhumba Star Band on Sat 10 Dec 2011 from 4pm till late. The place operates 24hrs, o ka itaya lala vuka! entrance fee is P20.

The Magic Kings presents Marocko live concert on the 17th of Dec 2011, Amok will be battling it out with Alive N Bolder, from 7pm to 11pm, entrance fee is P30. The place operates 24hrs, ga go robalwe. Lets go kick ass guys! 

Hail Steel! Salute bradas and sisters of steel. Amok had long fucken break.Metal maniacs is coming on sat 5th Nov 2011.Fact is this the first anniversary.Venue:Dhladhleng Entertainment Centre, Moshupa.P30 entrance fee.Time:7pm-2am. Amok will be battling out with Rock DJ Small. Transport will be provided 2 a fee by Kalumbwa Express. Dhadhleng is the best place for Live Metal gigs, sound,lighting, stage,services are stunning!Ga o kake wa bolella motho, go bata a ipoonna.Waitse!.
Metalmananiacs Magnetizing Bash marks its 1st anniversary.The first show was in Ramotswa.The show was a success but this year's gonna be a stunner because of best networking through facebook,radio and Metalheads Botswana.The venue(Dhladhleng Ent Centre) has proved to be crowd magnet because of its aesthetics,superior interior design and decor.

The show paves way for the upcoming monster Metal Gig hosting all local Metal bands in December 2011. Dates and other details to be finalised.

Amok debut Album, Running Wild to be recorded by March 2012. The songs will be refined World class quality. The band has been working on the album for the past six (6) years and have finally put together something that will change the metal scene altogether. 

Amok was featured at Fete De La Musique 2011, a French initiative that celebrates music annually around the world. The band gave the best performance that drop the attendants into frenzy.
A very shocking and blazing performance by Amok at Magic Kings in Gabane left rock fanatics.........

Macocko CD is expected to hit the ears of hardcore rockers of Botswana very soon, with the expectations that it will also be hitting the international market with time going. The single track was also the key that drove all fans crazy at the club.

UPDATE: Last breath metal fest was electrifying, smoke, madness from metal fans, multimedia effects were brutal.

The long awaited Marocko CD is out, it will be launched at the Magic Kings in Gabane, from 1800hrs to 2300hrs on the 27th Novemer 2010. Marocko CD is expected to bridge the gape that is currently missing in the local metal scene, it is brutal, melodic and yet heavy, truely Afro heavy metal song. Come witness the acoustic, intrumental and Version tracks live  at the launch.

Supporting bands will be the maintainers of brutality, Stane, the real thrust will be from Ghanzi based death metal band called Overthrust who will kick start the show from 1800hrs to 1930, followed by Stane at 2000hrs to 2100hrs. The culmination, Amok, Marocko, from 2100 to 2245, preparation for the show on going well, best sound, lighting, public transport for fans attending the show from outside Gaborone.

Suprise package for Amok no.1 fan while Amok is on stage. Tickets, T.shirts and cds sales, visit the Store link page on the site. Check more details about the show on facebook (amokianlord) Spread the virus about Marocko launch.    


Marocko CD has been successfully launched on the 27th of November 2010, everything went according to plan. The attendance was fabulous, Amokians flooded the valley-like Venue and the madness was high and burning like fire that burns even in darker days. Stane was brutal as usual, Overthrust with thier echo performance took it to the stage in repeat. Amok ruled the days, fans screamed the "ooh ooh ooh ooh' part of the lyrics of Marocko endless and uncontrollably as they did not stopped when they were asked to, yeah we liked it though, the melodic anthems left the attendants numb and paralyrized, It marked the culmination prophesized abt the launch, There were so many gigs this year but who will ever forget the Marocko CD Launch, unless if you didn't show up completely then you have already forgotten it! For sure Mr Shocks sound shocked all attendants as well the bands, and we are still feeling the echo in our ears today, that was a thunderous sound with lightning striking.

Big up to the fans and all who showed up at the launch for the CD merchandise, your attendance, your support, we love you all, you the most important resource of this industry, hail, hail hail metal!!!

The greatest Amokian of all time, Undertaker, o a bo o kile wa re bontsha metlholo, ke raya gore o akotse show yele yotlhe o palame screan wall o tlhomile ka menoto ya maoto, yeah o lerocko tota la setsenwa!! (he watched the whole show from the top of the screan wall that enclosed the venue, very crazy fan)

2011 will be agreater year, more performances are coming, the main album entitled Running Wild is also coming, the commoners and falling are some songs never heard in gigs that will be part of the package.

Marocko Cd launch Bash Encho.

Amokians we know you were not satisfied ko Gabane Magic Kings. le ne le lela lere encho! We will dish it to you on the 18th December at Tlokweng, Soul to Soul Bar garden. there will be bikini bike wash, ga reitse bo ntata le bo mma! Spread the invite. thanx.

 Marocko cd launch encore. First things first, we are very sorry for the mess, the show started late and the sound was hell. Amok apologizes to all sons and daughters of metal and steel, however we would like to thank all the faithful tight ass true Amokians for the support you give us, f**k you guys we salute you! You are doing a great job, buying our merchandise, coming to the gigs and shows, Salute! We would also like to extend our thankful hand to the security guys who take care of everything at the gigs, not forgetting that you guys volunteer to do this massive job, Mr Rock, Mr Rush, Bixen, Nico, Mr Fisher, Ob, Mr LP, Mr Lee, thanks you Marocko! (Rockers).

Stane, Fucken Stanians, We love you guys, you are true metal brothers and sisters, we thank, Wrust, Crackdust, Overthrust, Nosey Road and Skinflint. Hail hail Metal and Steel!!

To our sponsors, Mme Ditshupo, thank you for the positive response to our sponsorship letter, Polaba (PTY) ltd, of none other than the main man Mr Othata Mathuba, thank you for the CD launch sponsor, Our photographer, Mabedi Jaba, the pix are stunning, Stuntholics, thanks for the web design, thank you again for the upcoming  metal magazine, you are growing the scene buddy, Mr Shock, your sound shocked and paralyzed people at the Marocko CD Launch, keep working hard on the sound, Salute! Jah Man, Chantty Killarh, bless mi king, we salute you, Marocko CD is here because of you

Thanks to Chaplin Nthebolang for allowing to perform at the G.A Space in Moshupa, Mr Mahomad and Signor Kaizer for giving The Magic Kings to our CD, thanks guys, Mr Lucas, soul to Soul really touched somebody's Soul when we performed at the Marocko CD Launch Encore.

To the fans at large, the future awaits, Lets all write our names in the Metal Book and re-write this scene's history, its in our hands and pens guys, lets do it! Amok hit the scene perfectly well but we still need you to take further to the rest of the world, hey, the world, watch out we are coming! indeed we are.

The year 2010 has come to an end, and on that note Amok wishes all their fans and friends and the world at large a happy Christmas and a Prosperous and rocking 2011,  drink, sex, eat and drive responsibly safe!  For drivers, weapon with your seat belts, for sexers, condomise and stay alive, for eaters, don't swallow before u chew, for drinkers, le bo nwe le bo tshele metsi (dilute with water) hail hail metal and steel, play  heavy metal louder during your festive guys!!!

Hail Steel! Salute bradas and sisters of steel. Amok had long fucken break.Metal maniacs is coming on

Metal Grinder is here Bradas and Sisters of Metal.Date: Sat 27 October 2012, Venue is Eros n Tlokweng, Time: 1700hrs till late. Entrance Fee: P50, Line Up: PMMA, EVERGREEN,OVERTHRUST AND AMOK. Shock-atainment is providing thunder and lightning, Sound and lights. Come staisfy your metal hunger on the day. This gig has to end the Metal drought we had this year. October is a month of cancer, let us remember the lost ones, show compassion and care to those affected and living with cancer. Hail to metal bradas.

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